Below you will find answers to the questions that are most frequently asked about the application procedure at ALTEN.


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Getting Started

What type of employees is ALTEN looking for?

Can I apply at ALTEN Austria with a foreign university degree?

What is the voluntary program V.I.E?

Which language skills do i need to start at ALTEN?

Does ALTEN give people who are changing their career a chance?

What do my first days at ALTEN look like?

Application & Jobs

How do I apply at ALTEN?

By when do I have to apply for a job advertisement?

How can I tell if a job I'm interested has already been taken?

How do I know the location for the job offer?

Do I have to apply at all locations if I am mobile nationwide?

Can I apply for several positions at the same time?

Can I apply for other jobs with ALTEN being turned down for a job?

How do I know if my application has been successfully received?

I want to apply, but cannot apply immediately. Can I save my job search?

Is my application confidential?

Online Application Form

How does online application work?

Can I pause my application and continue later?

The online application is not available. What can I do?

Why am I unable to upload my attachments?

I cannot submit my online application. What now?

Application Documents

Which application documents should I submit?

What in particular are you looking for when you read through an application?

To whom do I direct my speculative application?

Application Process

When can I expect a response to my application?

How does the recruitment process work?

Why has a different recruiter contacted me than indicated in the job advertisement?

Are travel expenses reimbursed during the application process?

How do I submit travel expenses incurred during the application process?


What does day-to-day work on a project at ALTEN look like?

Can I also take part in projects internationally or work abroad?

What happens when my project ends?


Does ALTEN have apprenticeship positions for students?

Can I also do a student internship or a summer job at ALTEN?

Does ALTEN also offer trainee programmes?

Can I do a student internship or compulsory internship at ALTEN?

Can I also work at ALTEN while studying?

Can I also apply for a cooperative study programme at ALTEN?

Can I join ALTEN as a graduate right after finishing school?

Does ALTEN also offer supervision for bachelor, master or diploma theses?

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Application queries

We are happy to answer your questions about the application process and interview.

To the ALTEN application assistant

Your recruiting contact

Maja Kujundzic
Recruiting Manager
+43 699 10979556

Dimitri Galkin
Recruiting Manager
+43 664 3985200

Contact for more questions

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