Test engineer

A test engineer tests and optimises products and systems in the development phase. He uses a wide variety of test apparatus, procedures and methods. His work involves the use of computer simulators and is carried out in laboratories, workshops and at special test sites. However, he not only tests for functionality and compatibility, but also develops and implements corresponding solutions. For example, in the automotive sphere he adjusts the driving behaviour of the vehicle in driving and test-bed experiments, and tests e.g. the chassis, control system, as well as chassis and steering adjustments. As far as the combustion engine is concerned, he is responsible for engine control functions with regard to thermodynamics, onboard diagnostics, after-treatment of exhaust gases and regulating knocking, and measures these on the engine test bench or the vehicle. In addition to planning and conducting experiments, he is also concerned with monitoring, analysis and documentation.

Research systems and tools
Bus systems (CAN, FlexRay), Vector Tools (CANalyzer, CANoe, CANape), INCA

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