Software Solutions

Software is not only used by PCs but also by many electronic devices. Software determines many aspects of these devices, such as performance, operation, memory, service life and recyclability among other things. Although the relevant applications may differ widely, they all use the same standardised forms of technology.

We can supervise the entire software development process from system requirements analysis through inception to acceptance by the customer.

Mobile Application Development

Thanks to the mobile applications available today, business processes can be extended to the mobile devices used by personnel. This development has made it possible for businesses to access new markets and offer new services, to improve individual processes and optimise the planning of resource deployment.

With the help of mobile applications, it is possible to standardise processes and make these more secure, to boost turnover and reduce outgoings. Businesses have aready recognised the competitive advantages provided by mobile applications. Applications can run directly on the devices themselves or can be accessed on servers using browsers.

We develop both platform-specific/native apps for Android, Apple iOS (iPhone/iPad), Windows Phone and Blackberry and non-platform-specific web solutions.

We can also ensure that apps are seamlessly integrated in business processes in a particularly optimising form.