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Europe’s leading engineering service provider

We are a development service provider with many years of experience, in-depth industry knowledge and expert knowledge in all service areas. Whether automotive, aerospace, energy or medical technology, IT, telecommunications or semiconductor industry: we develop, design, program, calculate, test and manage projects always in the direction of success – from the idea to series production. As a development service provider and technology partner with strong consulting capabilities, we always enrich you with individually tailored solutions. Get to know us!

What characterizes us

Highly-qualified, experienced and well-trained personnel.
Extensive sector expertise.
Well-known clients.
Numerous accreditations.
Variable forms of collaboration.

Jobs & applications

Multifaceted projects. Competent teams and excellent prospects for your career. We offer a range of different tasks with a guarantee you will gain experience and expertise.

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What we do

We support customers from all major sectors of industry throughout the product development process.

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