With many years of experience in technology consulting, the handling of countless large projects and the intensive analysis of our customers’ needs, we have established ourselves as a trustworthy and thoughtful partner. We are therefore conscious of our responsibility to our customers, to our staff and to society in every step of our actions. We take many actions to proactively ensure that the quality of our work is high and that the environment is protected. Many certifications and auditing undertaken by our customers confirm that our work complies with the highest quality standards.

Quality Management

In order to meet the requirements and expectations of our customers, we fulfil in accordance with ISO 9001 and EN 9100 the exacting industry standards. Every order is completed in a reliable, timely and transparent manner. With that we guarantee our customers high quality service consistently. Each project is custom designed to meet the requirements of our customers. Rigorous project management and technical knowhow are the constants that are vital to successful project completion.

Environmental Management

Environmentally friendly solutions for problems do not impede our technological and economic progress but represent challenges that can be met through an ambitious, intelligent engineering thought process. In international competition for best technologies, the most ecologically sound and energy-efficient solution ranks high. We therefore support measures to create sustainable product development and even outside of the development process, we are mindful of promoting a resource and environmentally friendly procedure. ALTEN has been certified in accordance with ISO 14001/EMAS since 2012. Learn more about our environmental management system in our Declaration of Environmental Protection.

Information Security Management

As an innovative technology partner to renowned companies, we ensure that modern information and communications technology are used appro-priately. Privacy rights as well as confidential data of our customers, contractual partners and staff are provided with the highest level of safety. We continually invest in preserving and upgrading technical infrastructure, work processes and the level of information safety. By educating our em-ployees, we reduce potential risks and contribute to quality assurance and improvement.

Code of Conduct

We have summarised what we consider to be necessary to ensure honesty in relationships and correct behaviour in our ALTEN Code of Conduct. All personnel are to follow this Code of Conduct in all dealings with customers, suppliers and their colleagues; it is to serve as a guideline for all our activities. It applies to all personnel, including senior executives and management staff. In addition to ensuring that we conform to legal requirements, the Code of Conduct also sets out standards of behaviour in connection with the protection of information, health and the environment, precepts that we have voluntarily committed ourselves to uphold. We have derived these precepts from the Principles of the United Nations Global Compact, which our French parent company ALTEN S.A. undertook to comply with back in 2010.

The ten principles of the Global Compact at a glance: