Electrics & Electronics

The demands of today’s industry and businesses and the need to develop new memory chips and complex systems at ever shorter intervals require the use of innovative methods and research environments. We can provide support to semiconductor manufacturers in the concept-finding and modelling of integrated circuits and in the validation of completed circuits using simulation techniques.

Component Development

  • Active semiconductor elements, MMIC, HF circuits
  • Feasibility studies (concept, technology, design, inputs etc.)
  • Monitoring of design and layout projects
  • Simulations using HFFS, Cadence, Virtuoso ADS
  • Model construction and integration of components in suitable simulation environments
  • Development of RF PCBs with the aid of 2.5 and 3D field simulators
  • Statistical analysis and HF specification

Analogue/Mixed Signal Design

  • Power management ICs with analogue and digital interfaces
  • Feasibility studies (concept, technology, design inputs etc.)
  • Preparation, modelling and verification of block diagrams
  • Development of verification and system integration of mixed signal ICs
  • Monitoring of layout projects and preparation of test programmes
  • Metering technology and documentation

HF System Development

  • GSM/GPRS/EGPRS/UMTS/HSPA front-end development
  • Concept definition, design and evaluation of assembled HF modules
  • Circuit simulator-aided design (ADS, Microwave Office, Spice, etc.)
  • Definition of networks for adaptation, stability, linearity properties, ESD stability
  • Testing and system integration of modules
  • Preparation of technical application sheets, data sheets and test reports

Testing & Validation

  • Definition of parameters to be tested on the basis of standards (EMC, 3GPP etc.) and client’s specifications
  • Preparation of test plans and test circuits
  • Development, automation and construction of complex HF test equipment
  • HF specification from bare-die elements to complete HF modules
  • Analysis of ESD stability and definition of protective ESD elements
  • Temperature monitoring, error analysis of semiconductor products (eBeam, EMI, infrared, FIB)
  • Functional analysis, endurance testing, signal coupling effect (EMC, spurious emissions)
  • Testing of individual components in open and housed status
  • EMC analysis (measuring of lead-related and emitted RFI) and interference stability testing (e.g. using pulses, HF power coupling, HF field coupling and electrostatic discharge)

Engineering & Applications

  • Reverse engineering of consumer products
  • Analysis of systems from subsystems to chip level
  • Technical client support and preparation of client-specific applications
  • Interactive optimisation of circuits and application circuits using simulation and metering equipment
  • Innovation and market research
  • Project management


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