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Living and working in Vienna

Vienna, the capital and the political heart of Austria has already been named the city with the highest quality of life in the world for the ninth consecutive time. The mixture of low living expenses, beautiful places around the Danube and a wide range of cultural activities make Vienna a city where people enjoy living and working.


The city has various universities, an airport in the vicinity and a highly developed public transport network. Many Viennese also appreciate the fact that their city is very clean and safe. This is one of the reasons why, in addition to the city’s great atmosphere, it attracts many tourists all year round, making the city a lively and interesting place.

Culture and leisure

A colourful mixture of tradition and modernity is reflected not only in architecture and culture, but also in the way of life of the Viennese. The city has many places of interest to visit and discover. You can admire St. Stephen’s Cathedral, Vienna’s landmark, also affectionately called “Steffl”, one of the most important Gothic buildings in Austria, or enjoy a beautiful day amidst nature on the Danube island or in the Volksgarten park. Especially worth seeing is Schönbrunn Palace with its palace park, which is one of the most important and most visited cultural assets of Austria and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. From art to fashion and new media, the Museumsquartier offers a wide range of different themes, offering something for every taste.

Vienna for engineers

Vienna is a city of many diverse and future-oriented companies, which are responsible for most of Austria’s economic output. Cultural offerings and the high quality of life are also important factors from an economic point of view, as they attract companies, investors and top employees. For this reason, Vienna is also home to approximately 200 international corporate headquarters.


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